Iptv stalker mac address january 2016

At first I tried to get the Kodi Stalker Video add on working but no joy.

I got no where. And the nice thing is the Stalker IPTV PVR add on allows you to specify the MAC address meaning you can use the service across multiple devices although be careful to not use it at the same time or you could cause issues. The occasional channel did not come up but when it did not come up it just came back and you could choose another one, no muss no fuss. To get this working you enable TV, then it complains there are no PVRs enabled, so you enable and configure the Stalker one:.

Within Ubuntu Kodi it was a little more challenging. It turns out the Stalker client is not loaded. It just hangs. From the command prompt I had to run: sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install kodi-pvr-stalker. Under iOS on my iPad I was able to get it running but only the first time. Subsequent attempts to get it running crash Kodi and there was no way back other than uninstalling Kodi and reinstalling.

A real pain on iOS. You can even pause live TV. The guy I bought it prefers eTransfers. This is the guy I bought from. The content for now anyway is coming from iptv. In this case there is actually a real company your dealing with. This one was a little confusing but in the end you have to add a source to Kodi. This source has the zip file that is a custom video add on. Then you install the repository. There is no PVR for this option which means you can not record.

On the positive side you do get video on demand using this method. The channel offerings from this provider are broad and include a good number of Canadian and American channels.

Quality is very good. I found it sensitive to what was going on with my internet connection, more so than the others I tried. Selecting channels works and has a nice GUI.


Iptv stalker mac address january

It does not work with the channel up and down button on my remote so not a true channel surf. And to make matters worse when you select a channel there is about a 10 second delay before anything happens , then another 15 seconds before the channel shows up. And the next 25 just seems like forever. It was solid. Any help? After reinstalling windows 10 due to a need for some repairs, the bootcamp assistant is no longer available.

Install Android STB Emulator for IPTV

I assume the windows reinstall wiped it out. Can I reinstall the bootcamp assistants software to the windows 10 system without wiping it out after it is already up and running. I would like to see it in the system tray again and have access to controlling the mouse and keyboard again. Thanks very much Jorge. Name required.

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