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If you guys have trouble taking it off, just use a little coconut oil! Our skin plays an important role in enhancing our appearance. To look good, it is important to make your skin look flawless, and the MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation serves this purpose effectively. This foundation gives medium to full coverage, covering blemishes, dark spots, and uneven skin tone.

It delivers a natural matte finish, leaving the skin extremely flawless, and has SPF 15 for sun protection. It contains silica, which has oil controlling properties.

It absorbs oil and makes the foundation stay on the skin for up to eight hours. It applies like a dream and a little can go a long way!! I wear this maybe three to four times a week and it lasted me 11 months! Craving for thick and defined eyelashes?

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It is lightweight and lets you create beautifully defined lashes. It comes with a petite brush for easier application. It lasts long — up to 16 hours — and not only provides volume to your lashes but also curls them. It is a combination of oil and water, which gets mixed when the bottle is shaken. It is enriched with cucumber and damask rose flower water, which soothes and refreshes the skin. There is no need to rinse your face after using this. It is so easy to use and makes your life hassle-free. The skin base visage from the prep and prim range is definitely worth all the hype.

It is formulated with special effect silicones that reduce the redness on the skin and add radiance at the same time. It is an extremely light-weight primer which makes for a perfect base for makeup, and makes the makeup stay for a long time. It blends easily into the skin and gives an even base. My pores were not visible. It gives your lips a subtle golden glow with a hint of color to glam up even the most simple look. It is a perfect color to build up if you want to convert your semi-mattes into something more festive, without disturbing the color too much.

Fresh Moroccan is a warm brown, of course with a frost finish.

10 Must Have MAC Products For Your Makeup Kit

The color has a slight maroon tinge, that can be built up to almost a brick red. The shade has a vintage glam appeal to it. It can look good on any skin tone but will shine on medium to dark skin tones. It also exceptionally compliments festive Indian wears. Events where you are going for a relaxed glam look, for example, a wedding function of a colleague or a relative. So, that was our list of the best picks from the MAC lipsticks collection.

For those wondering what color best suits your skin tone?

15 Best MAC Cosmetic Products — and the 4 Worst

Here you go…. A good lipstick works like magic. And though most lipsticks look stunning on fair skin, choosing the best out of the lot can be confusing. So, here are our picks of the three best MAC lipsticks that will suit fair skin, come what may. MAC Syrup, a gorgeous mauve pink color that could be worn anytime, anywhere. MAC Crosswires, for women who find orange too loud and brown too boring.

This coral lip color will make your day, every day. MAC Russian Red, this amazing red matte lipstick is perfect to wear for night events as well as day gatherings. Dark skin tones can look really stunning with the right makeup. And what better than the perfect lipstick to complement the gorgeous glow? So, get your hands on these MAC lipsticks that are just the right color for darker skin tones.

MAC Diva, a burgundy maroon matte for the diva in you. MAC Spirit, a perfect nude that will blend beautifully with your skin, making your look classier than ever. Last but not the least, MAC So Chaud, for those bright days when you feel like dressing up for no reason. There is a common notion that most lipsticks suit women with medium skin tones. But in reality, it is harder to look for the perfect lipstick color for medium skin tones than extreme skin tones.

So, here are our MAC bests that you can pick blindly. MAC Lady Danger, a gorgeous bright orange that is perfect for summer parties. MAC Velvet Teddy, a stunning brown nude lipstick that defines absolute perfection when combined with smokey-eyed makeup. Finding the right lipstick for pale skin tones can be daunting. Some look too loud, while the others look too pale on an already pale complexion.

So, how to strike the perfect balance and choose the right shades? Well, we have done that for you! Consider these as your go-to MAC lipsticks that could never go wrong. MAC Ruby Woo, a bright red retro matte that will define your features like never before. Dusky is the new diva! Gone are the days when fair skin defined beauty. Brown skin-toned women are at the peak of the glamor charts with their perfect makeup and style. So, here are the most popular MAC bests that are absolutely perfect for brown skinned women.

MAC Ruby Woo, your go-to style statement.

MAC Relentlessly Red, a pinkish red retro matte that is an all-time charmer. While pink and mauves are hot sellers, you will be amazed at how glamorous reds can make you look. MAC Lady Danger, a bright orange matte that is perfect for the office as well as evening wear. MAC Twig, a gorgeous pink with matte finish that will look stunning with minimal makeup, and MAC Rebel, a wine pink shade in a satin finish for a classy look that can never go out of fashion. Although it would be fun to go on and on about the gorgeous hues that MAC has to offer, but sadly, like all good things this has to end too.

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