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The pot odds number is the ratio of your bet or call to the size of the pot after you bet the amount you will win. Rate of return is the "on average" proportion of how much you will multiply your bet by, if you stay in the hand. For each round of betting the computer needs to decide if it is going to fold, call or raise The FCR decision. Ignoring the question for the moment of how much to raise for now, then given a Rate of Return RR , it's possible to provide a very simple yet useful mapping between RR and FCR.

Don't pay too much attention to the precise percentages listed above, the numbers will depend on the way you calculate your hand strength, and you'll want to vary them depending on which betting round you are in. You will also want to vary these numbers to create players with different personalities. Using this very simple mapping between the RR and the FCR decision can give you a surprisingly reasonable and entertaining player.

They will tend to play strong hands, they will occasionally bluff, they won't scare easy if their hand is good, and they will abandon weak hands when raised, and they will stick around on a reasonable chance of a flush or straight draw, making for entertaining gameplay. That means you can never deduce the hand strength of your AI opponent based on their actions unless they fold, where the information does not really help you.

If they raise, then they could have any kind of hand strength - probably a good one, but it might be the 1 in 20 times when they are bluffing with a very weak hand. The simple rules above work well when your stack of chips is large and the blinds are small. However as your stack shrinks and the blinds increase then the amount of money you need to commit to stay in a hand can become a very substantial proportion of your stack. Also, occasionally other players might go "all-in", betting their entire stack of chips, so we need some logic to prevent the AI from making bad calls when short stacked.

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So you have a pair of twos, but there is a possible flush out there. Don't make that bet! Poker is a complex game, with a surprisingly large number of different types of situations like this that you have to handle somehow. I recommend you have as few special cases as possible, as it reduced the risk of an exploit being introduced into the game via some obscure special case. However, you should anticipate a number of heuristics rules of thumb being hard coded into the AI logic. Playing a quick single table game of Texas Holdem takes around 30 minutes on average with human players. Ideally you would perform your testing by having human players play against the AI and trying to find problems with it.

Unfortunately, due to the random hands being dealt, it's very easy for one player to simply get lucky and win the game with sub-par logic, or even flawed logic. I've found it takes at least ten games to begin to get a clear picture of the qualities of an AI player, and more like a hundred games to be really sure. This often creates an unreasonably burden on the testing department, and introduces a very long delay in getting feedback on AI changes. The solution is automated testing.

The AI should be set up so that different variants of AI can play against each other in a very high speed set of games. You should also code a few simplistic poker AI's into the mix, such as an AI that always goes all in, or another that simply always raises with a hand better than a pair of fives. Then you set your AI loose against these opponents, and make sure that it wins the appropriate percentage of games. If you coded your evaluation and simulation appropriately, then you should be able to simulate an entire game in about a second.

You might want to reduce the iterations of the simulation a bit to speed up testing. The best use of your human testers is to try to get them to find an exploit of the AI, then you can codify this exploit into a temporary AI opponent to include in your test suite.

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You can then tweak your AI until it defeats the exploit, while still being able to defeat all the other standard opponents. What I've set out here is just a foundation for poker AI. By following the process laid out here you will get a reasonably strong and entertaining opponent. Here's a quick list of the topics you might want to look into.

Hello, i am in college and i have been asked to programming a game. I like to understand your poker program design better. Isnt texas hold em plays 7 cards in total? Can i ask you few more questions in order to understand your poker AI design? Thank you. The remaining two cards are ignored.

I do not quite understand in Hand Strength section. DevilJade, on 16 December - AM, said:. Posted 11 November - PM Hi all, I would like to play on my mac Mechwarrior and I think most people who own a mac you play this incredible game play, ask managers to communicate to the creators of this fantastic game you support a Mac OS X. Thank you very much.

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While Apple is a huge company, they still lag far behind in personal computers. Fromwhat I understand, you can load Windows onto a Mac, so just use that Edited by verybad, 11 November - PM. Posted 11 November - PM Yep. Boot Camp. It works. Second: CryEngine is based on DirectX, a microsoft product. Third: Format your mac and install a real OS lol!! Sorry, but if you want to play games. You need windows.