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I wanted you to know that I am thankful. Great Workshop! We use MediaShout but I also put a lot of slideshows in and this will help tremendously! Thanks, Pattie. While I agree that a worship presentation software is a great alternative, I know that not all churches have a budget for this software.

There are several alternatives which can be looked into, which are free open source software. The software which I have used include dreambeam, lyricue Linux only , and Screen Monkey www. Screen Monkey is the one I like best. It is especially good if the user can get their head around layers being separately controlled.

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Layer one goes to the back, layer four to the front, and the other two in between. Every clip you put up is assigned to a layer, and layers can be changed independently. Each layer can be faded in and out independently. And no matter where on the tableau a clip is placed, the program keeps track of which clip is next.

This explanation is not the greatest, but if a person will experiment with the program, they will quickly get the hang of it. Dear brother Joshiah, Thanks for a great presentation on the PowerPoint idea of texto over video.

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Microsoft should improve that feature in the next release of PowerPoint. It was, however, very interesting to see you work around the obstacles. I hope you will produce some more tutorials like this in the future. Blessings to you and your family. I prepare my PP presentation on my personal pc then download it to a drive which I carry to church to use.

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I finally gave up because the week to week is quite demanding in meeting my presentation schedules…. Thank you for your comments.

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After I posted my question, I did some further research to see if I could solve the problem. I learned that the motion is not actually saved to the PP presentation only the link or pathway.

So create a folder for the presentation and the motions that are to be used within the presentation. Then insert the motion into the presentation. Save the presentation within the same folder. Move the folder to the transportable drive. This preserves the pathway to the motion and the problem is solved. Hope this helps other users…. When making presentations at school for great wars and conflicts that shaped history, you need the kind of slides that can have an impact on your audience.

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The Animated Military Template for PowerPoint comes with animated war themed slides with infographic layouts to help you explain everything about a military conflict with statistics and illustrations. Project Sleek is a presentation template for making presentations to showcase your projects. The template has a metallic, modern design with replaceable sample content and editable slide objects to help you make presentations with pre-defined animated sample slides.

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  4. Project Sleek Presentation Template for PowerPoint serves as a uniquely designed deck with a mix of images […]. Networks represent interconnectivity, collaboration and synergy.

    The Animated Network PowerPoint Template Concept brings network themed slides with layouts that show various interconnected nodes. With a theme that centers around images similar to street art and pop culture, the template can be great for making presentations related to arts, music, independent […].