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U40 Song Hye Kyo xinh đẹp ngỡ ngàng dù ăn mặc giản dị hết mức

I did not want creating my aging parents any more misery in their lives. I gave up this insane and stupid idea of hurting myself for revenge and planned to go to Orange County in hope to see her perfoming in person for the first time. So after a few years full of nightmares, I quit my high-paying job, sold my home, left the snowy area of Portland Oregon, and headed to warmer and more crowded Orange County for a new environment, a new job, and a new life.

By the time I moved to Orange County, it was too late; NgocLan had passed away for a few months, another failure in my life. My parents however were delighted with my sudden change of mind. They tried to find a wife for me, their only son. I was hoping I would find someone else in Orange County and start my new life.

By the way, this Little Saigon area is packed of Vietnameses, especially during the weekend. But you will never find another voice as beautiful as NgocLan, with the same feelings and emotions in presentation as NgocLan; I cannot find another person like my ex. Since then, I had taken a couple of trips back to Portland alone, just to walk in the same town that she lives, inhale the same cold air that she breathes, and wonders what has happened to her life, or just to stand on the Oregon bridge and shout out loud to the running river below that I love her and I miss her so much.

Even though I did have someone new eventually, my better half does not have a special interest in NgocLan. I slowly discover, even though a small numbers of Vietnamese people that I know living in Orange County are richer, they seem to be more stuck-up, distant, insanely competitive, and obsessively materialistic.

It is not the same friendly atmosphere as a small serene community at Portland. Sincerely apologize to Thao, just my observation with very limited people in Orange County that I met which is not correct at all. Fast forward a few years flying by without any special events. I was so glad when I accidentally found ilovengoclan. However I do not foresee that listening to the music has also brought back to me a bittersweet memory that I desperately want to bury.

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So my worst problem is that I cannot let go of the past, my worst enemy. My ex seems to adjust much better than me.

Tam Khong Mac Do

Sometimes the music seems more and more unbearable because it reminds me strongly about my ex and the time we are so young, so innocent, and deep in love. Probably that is the best time of my life. So now during party or dinner time with my family, I carried a pain inside but could not talk. Always a smile to hide a sorrow, as if wearing a mask. Thank you for your welcome and sincere friendship.

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