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Pioneer only has a windows based firmware installer. Installed it. Shut down windows, restarted Lion, and my BDR is recognized again. Sep 8, AM. Jan 9, AM in response to peterfromnaperville In response to peterfromnaperville. By following this advice I was able to get the BDR working properly.

I use Toast 11 mainly for Blu-Ray and it now works as expected.

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I use LG Blu-ray players with no issues. If you want to watch Blu-ray movies I've found the application at www. Question: Q: best bluray drive for mac pro?

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Ask a question. Desktops Speciality level out of ten: 0. Question: Q: Question: Q: best bluray drive for mac pro? Should I buy an external firewire or USB burner or stick an internal burner in? Will Toast work with 2 hour.

Can I Put a Blu-Ray in My MacBook Pro?

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So that is what I am about to order. Any OS X quirks? User profile for user: Robert Rogers Robert Rogers. HomePod Speciality level out of ten: 0. This certainly applies to the Pioneer BDR If the Mac puts it to sleep, it does not wake up again. If you aren't there to respond to a prompt the drive goes to sleep and the installation cannot be continued. Forums Macs Desktops Mac Pro. JavaScript is disabled.

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For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Plutonius macrumors Original poster. I would like a list of recommended internal Blu Ray drives to put in my Mac Pro from someone who has done it. Note - I was planning on leaving the superdrive in my Mac and putting the Blu Ray drive in the second front bay.

Oct 28, The has replaced the since I bought mine The Optical bay should already be cabled up. Superdrive on first connection, BluRay goes on the second connector. Last edited: Aug 17, So if they sell it then will work in a Mac. I finally got around to powering off my Mac Pro. I disconnected the 3rd party Blu-ray burner and powered back up. Still no better. The only thing left is to disconnect the Superdrive, reconnect the Blu-ray, and see if that works. I don't expect it will, but the only way to find out is to try. I wondering if gtackett had any update.

Add a Blu-ray burner to your Mac Pro

I just find it weird that drives are detected but not playing anytime all or even spinning drives up to be mounted. My 2. So I puzzled about gtackett's predicament on his Mac Pro. Sorry for the delayed response.

I've been getting ready to change jobs. Now that is done with but Christmas still awaits so time is limited. We've already tried resetting PRAM and the SMC, so moving on from there: I know for certain that the drives are rotating the media at least a small distance--when ejecting media, it isn't in the same rotational position as when I loaded it. It's hard to be absolutely certain that they spin any more than that, but I suspect they do. Using system's original Superdrive third party Blu-ray disconnected : Can't boot from this system's original distribution DVD Leopard Like any media I try in this drive, the drive makes some noises and the tray opens up.

After boot from hard disk No matter what I load, the drive just unloads after making some noises. With just the Blu-ray connected Superdrive disconnected , the only thing different is that the drive doesn't unload automatically. In Toast Titanium 11's Recorder Settings window you can watch the media-loaded status of a drive.

This drive works normally! Whatever's wrong, perhaps it has something to do with optical disc media sensing. Since the problem appeared to start with Mountain Lion and affects both drives, software would seem the most likely cause-- except that it can't boot from distribution media.