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Someone observing those networks can recognize your MAC address and track your geographical location. As explained in our documentation on network fingerprint , someone observing the traffic coming out of your computer on the local network can probably see that you are using Tails. In that case, your MAC address can identify you as a Tails user. Tails can temporarily change the MAC address of your network interfaces to random values for the time of a working session. This is what we call "MAC address spoofing". MAC address spoofing in Tails hides the serial number of your network interface, and so to some extend, who you are, to the local network.

MAC address spoofing is enabled by default in Tails because it is usually beneficial. But in some situations it might also lead to connectivity problems or make your network activity look suspicious. This documentation explains whether to use MAC spoofing or not, depending on your situation. MAC address spoofing is enabled by default for all network interfaces.

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This is usually beneficial, even if you don't want to hide your geographical location. Using your own computer on an public network without registration , for example a free Wi-Fi service in a restaurant where you don't need to register with your identity. In this case, MAC address spoofing hides the fact that your computer is connected to this network. Using your own computer on a network that you use frequently , for example at a friend's place, at work, at university, etc.

You already have a strong relationship with this place but MAC address spoofing hides the fact that your computer is connected to this network at a particular time. It also hides the fact that you are running Tails on this network.

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In some situations MAC address spoofing is not useful but can instead be problematic. In such cases, you might want to disable MAC address spoofing.

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However, disabling MAC address spoofing makes it possible again for the local network to track your geographical location. If this is problematic, consider using a different network device or moving to another network. This computer is regularly used on this local network, and its MAC address is not associated with your identity.

In this case, MAC address spoofing can make it impossible to connect. It can even look suspicious to the network administrators to see an unknown MAC address being used on that network. On some network interfaces, MAC address spoofing is impossible due to limitations in the hardware or in Linux. For example, if you have a home network with several computers behind a router, then actually, to the rest of the internet, it will appear as if there is just one computer the router attached to the internet.

That is also why we are moving very slowly from IP4 to IP6, which allows more addresses. If you are behind a NAT router, then getting a real address for your computer is harder. Also, if you are behind a filewall, people may not be able to get to your Moodle, even if they know the address.

For those who want a little more in the way of a simple explanation, read this. We are tying to answer the question: A computer generally communicates to and through a single network router. In the simple network example, routers communicate with each other. Since each router knows the computers attached to it, the router passes along messages to the right computer.

The messages are called packets. A web server on a computer basically listens for something saying "I am looking for MoodleHouse.

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If the web server hears that and knows it is MoodleHouse. The flow of information is contained in packets. The usual example is that the postal service has an envelope addressed to " Anywhere Street", or "The Moodle House" in their area, with a return address on it of " Sender Way". A router's NAT table keeps track that A MAC address defines a specific network connection on a specific computer and is unique in the world.

An example might be that the MAC address is like saying go to the front door of "The Moodle House", not the back or side door. Your area's postal service makes a note on all your outgoing mail and when it gets something for you it knows it. And the computers network connection is requesting an IP address. The postal example: Or that a child comes home for the summer and wants their mail delivered to the side door at "The Moodle House" while they are there.

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This is like saying this week your area's postal service calls The Moodle House's address " Orange Way", but last week it was " Martin Street". Further, the IP address you see on your computer's network connection is not always what other computers see on the information packets. Packet's can have many layers. Here is where it gets really complicated.

We will try to be simple. Generally speaking, communication in a network comes down to who knows who. Routers know that other 'router like things' exist which have their own set of IPs that they know about. With some IP addresses, there will be many 'router like things' that know where to send a packet that is addressed to a specific IP.

Every time it gets sent along, the packet gets another layer. The area postal service puts the envelope in another one.

Important: Before you start

The outside envelope is addressed to the postal service that the area postal service thinks may know where to find the "The Moodle House's" front door. However, the " Senders Way" return address on the outside of the envelope becomes the sending postman's. The inside envelope still contains the original return address but now it is hidden by the outside envelope.

Imagine that the original packet is forwarded through 10 routers before it reaches the right MAC address.