Best colour calibration software for mac

There are a few steps to go through before you start the calibration process.

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Set your monitor to K and ruffly adjust your brightness and contrast levels before you do the calibration with DisplayCAL. Set the whitepoint to K. White Level. Calibration speed determines how much time and effort to go to in calibrating the display.

Using a Colorimeter

This will bring up this screen. This is the measurement area. Now you get to the point where you can adjust your monitors R, G, B and brightness levels. Try and match the up and down arrow and then click on Continue on to Calibration. This will start the calibration process which takes about 30 minutes to complete.

Color Calibrating Your Mac’s Display

Finally you get dialogue that tells you what your display is capable of. You may find that squinting makes this adjustment easier.

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When the apple seems to disappear, click on Continue. Deselect the Use Native Gamma option, and then move the slider control to the 2. Mac users sometimes balk at this setting because it makes the display look too much like a Windows PC screen. However, this has become the default setting in the world of imaging, and your best bet is to be on the same page as everyone else.

Of course, if you work in a production environment where printing is based on a different target gamma, then you should choose that gamma setting here. The next test asks you to set the target white point. This influences the tint of your monitor. The standard setting is 6, degrees.

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In the next screen, turn on the option that lets other users access this calibration. Finally, give your profile a name and click on Continue. Click on Done to leave the assistant. A colorimeter, on the other hand, eliminates subjectivity from the process. It takes precise light measurements directly off your monitor and feeds them into dedicated software that creates the profile for you.

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Colorimeters used to be quite expensive, but prices have recently come down—putting them within the reach of even amateur photographers. The Spyder2 is easy to use, thanks to a step-by-step calibration wizard. You just load the software, plug the Spyder2 into a USB port, and follow along. The entire calibration process takes about 30 minutes.

Now that your monitor is calibrated to industry standards—the same standards online photo-printing services use—you should see an improvement in the prints that show up in your mailbox.

You should also get better output from your ink-jet printer. Each ink-jet printer produces slightly different results. To account for these differences, you need a custom ICC profile for your specific printer. This data file describes the output characteristics of the printer so your Mac can eliminate differences between what you see on the monitor and what comes out of the printer.

How to calibrate your monitor

The easiest way to do this is to get a printer profiler. To create a profile for your ink-jet with the ProfilerPlus, you print a calibration chart with your ink-jet printer and then scan that print with your flatbed scanner. The software builds a printer profile by comparing the output with the original file.