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How to find the MAC Address on an Xbox 360

Sony Consoles. Playstation 3. From the main menu, select Settings. Select System Settings.

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Select System Information. The MAC Address will then be displayed on the screen. Playstation 4. Arrow up and over to Settings in the PS4 menu. Scroll down to Network. Scroll down to View Connection Status. Navigate to "System Settings". Microsoft Consoles. Xbox Navigate to My Xbox on the Xbox Dashboard. Select Network Settings. Select Configure Network. Go to Additional Settings. Select Advanced Settings. The MAC Addresses for the wired and wireless adapters should be displayed. Xbox One. Navigate to My Games and Apps.

I was told to try a wireless adapter, but I want to try this as a last resort.

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I have reset my router and this does not resolve the issue. I am wondering if anyone has any advice for me? Please reply or email me at face yahoo. Kawamoto Distinguished. Sep 14, 1 0 18, 0.

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I just got a new wireless router and the internet connection is great. I have a problem though with connecting with xbox live. I use my laptop as an adapter with a Ethernet cable plugged into my Xbox. The connection doesn't go threw and I get a message saying saying that there is no connectivity among my laptop or my Xbox. I have tried to share and ridge the connections but i get error messages and my internet connection fails.

Another note that might help is that the router is a Cisco Valet; if anyone can help solve my problem I would be deeply grateful. Brianor Distinguished. Hi Guys, There is a really good chance that you are getting interference from other wireless devices in your home, e. That will definitely cause your connection to fail. Unplug all of these and configure your xbox to detect ip and DNS automatically. Restart the xbox live detection. If you get a connection, power up each wireless device individually and restart xbox detection after each device is switched on. You will find that it will fail to detect when the interfering device is switched on.

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Most wireless devices alow you to change channels thus frequency. Set your interfering device to a different channel until you find one that will allow xbox live to connect fairly quickly within 15 seconds or so. If this doesnt work, change the channel on your router and restart.


Good luck. Pretty sure it will work. Dec 25, 2 0 18, 0.

Xbox did not like WPA security only. The firmware gave me WPA2 availability. Set up network wireless with WPA2 and everything worked. Go Start, run, type "cmd" enter.

Go to your xbox network setting, wired setting, DNS, and enter those numbers, primary first and secondary second Jan 25, 1 0 18, 0. This was awesome advice!

How to find the MAC Address on an Xbox

I was so frustrated a couple years ago while living in a hotel for 2 months that I couldn't use XBL. Thank you very much. This might help me to get a beer hat to my second character in gta online in time. I am currently in another country than my own.

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That works great! I have a question. Is there a way to dlna to the Xbox using the hotel Wi-Fi? If so how. Please enable JavaScript to watch this video.