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Business Card Scanners 2018: Top 10 Best Selling Card Scanners on Amazon

For example, you can scan a document into Word format on Dropbox. Press once, and you're finished. This unique technology allows the scanner to identify double feeding often due to stapled documents , even when pages are of different thicknesses. The scanning process is then suspended temporarily to ensure its reliability. This also prevents paper jams that can damage your documents. Don't take any risks; choose a highly reliable scanner! Scan most of the documents you use daily: A4 paper, business cards, photos, receipts, etc. Its card slot scans both sides of any laminated card. The possibilities are endless.

Duplex Medical Insurance Card And ID Card Scanner (W/Scan-ID LITE)

Automate your document management with this powerful scanner. Export professional contacts, leads, contracts, invoices, and other documents quickly and easily to your chosen platform. You are then free to work wherever you want, since your digital documents are in a safe and reliable environment. This duplex desktop scanner transforms your documents WAV format. This unique feature allows you to listen to any text, even on the go. Imagine all the time you'll save when catching up on meeting minutes.

It can even assist with learning for people with learning disabilities ex. The all-terrain scanner for a myriad of environments. Administrative professionals know better than anyone that a misfiled document is a lost document. This duplex desktop scanner automatically performs tedious tasks for you, such as organising folders, sorting, searching, and filing.

Focus on your business and your customers, and avoid wasting time shuffling papers.

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Compact and lightning fast, this desktop scanner can scan your documents from your home or office. You can then share them directly with others! Quickly scan lots of accounting documents invoices, expense reports, balance sheets, etc. Documents can be converted into multiple formats simultaneously including Excel and indexed PDF documents. All this is done with exceptional reliability and in accordance with the sector's legal standards.

Boost your productivity, and cut your costs!


Simply insert cards into the cart slot on the front of the scanner. In addition to laminated cards, you can easily scan your contracts and daily correspondence for digital filing. By integrating with MS SharePoint and Therefore, you can digitally share, track, and manage your contracts.

Focus on your hearings and investigations, and devote more time to your clients and the things that matter! With this multifunctional scanner, you can reliably scan medical records, medical prescriptions, Cartes Vitales, insurance cards, medication plans, and more. With the press of a button, your scans are converted into PDF or JPEG format among others and then shared instantly with your colleagues and associates on your preferred platform Dropbox, OneDrive, etc. This compact scanner fits perfectly behind a counter or in the corner of an office.

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It is suitable for all para- medical environments, such as hospitals, pharmacies, and medical practices. It is a must-have tool for everyday efficiency.

Stop wasting time and energy hauling around paper wherever you go! During property visits and appointments, paper only clutters your bag, vehicle, or office and slows you down. Many possible conversions! Scan all your documents to image files JPEG — you can then easily share or archive them. Scan an entire book and turn it quickly into a handy e-book, which you can read or listen to on any device. Thanks to the included software Readiris, all your scans can be turned in a Word or Excel file in a simple click. This unique feature lets you listen to any text, even during travel! The resolution on this one is about dpi.

The only downside noticed is that it is incapable of scanning multiple documents at a stretch. Note that this requires a drive to get it functional. And if you are just wondering about compatibility with Windows 10, yes it is confirmed to be working perfectly with it. From the very first impression, this one looks pretty smaller than every other competitor in the list. Based on its size those with mobile usage in mind or crowded desk will find it perfectly relevant to their needs. Being a TWAIN compatible business card scanner means you should expect enhanced high quality image output from this product as well.

Among all the DocketPort features, one cool outstanding thing is that you can easily scan both sides of double sided cards in a single stretch. This is puts among the best business card scanners in the market today.

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And so the Dymo executive card scanner brings that benefit for you to experience it with many interesting features of this product. These features include the ease of categorizing your business contacts in any way you like. You can do this by industry, location or job title. And then in its digital format, a simple text search makes these contacts readily available in times of need. Now, can you compare that with having to wade through a stack of business cards whose prints may be blurring and invisible?

Specifically for those people that understand the value of proactive networking, asking for and collecting business cards is just one of the most important routines. Depending on your preferences, you can do your scanning in color or black and white.

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  • The 10 Best Business Card Scanners and Readers;

The Dymo CardScan weighs about 4 pounds with dimensions of 9. For Salesforce and Windows 10 users, this is not the business card scanner for you. Inside the pack you get the scanner itself, USB cable and a starter guide. Beside the ones mentioned above, clicking through to Amazon will make you discover more of what I mean here. And it is built with great capacity for delivering high quality image outputs. Besides business cards, you can scan a whole lot of other types of documents with it including photos and office documents.

Very impressive in this product is the ability to scan both sides of double sided cards in the same instance. The AutoContinue function also makes it possible to scan a lot more cards and document in less time. All you have to do is to follow the machine flow. Like most other models from this brand, you get one year limited warranty. The weight is about 1. For first time users, there is a starter guide inside the pack when you buy the Docketport 2DM Sheetfed Scanner.

To have it fully functional at all times, be sure to clean it up after every scans. This fact also applies to home electronics and smart kitchen devices too. If you notice very well, some of the scanners mentioned here already are built for both Mac and Windows devices. However, the version of windows you are already using also matters when you intend to buy the best business card scanners.

Interestingly, the vupoint st magic wand portable scanner seems to be among the few that are compatible with Windows In fact, it is proven to be working perfectly well with all versions of Windows from the oldest to newest. And for this one, Mac users are not left out too.