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Select the Text sub-panel. Ensure Use symbol and text substitution is selected. I used [cmd] as the keyword. First off, great times. Any hints?

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Great times and great tips! Are you saying that when you take the Command symbol from the Character Viewer and paste it into an Indesign document, it has a box around it and pink highlighting? If so… what happens when you paste the same character into a TextEdit document?

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It works in word but not in InDesign. Are you an Adobe user? Hi Derek. Yes I use Adobe CS. I guess that would make sense as InDesign likely needs complete control over the rendering of text as it is a heavily typography dependant application.

What Are The Mac's Command ⌘ And Option ⌥ Symbols Supposed To Represent? | Cult of Mac

I did a search online and found no reference to OS X text substitution working or not working, for that matter in InDesign. Third party text substitution apps seem to work in InDesign though. For instance, I have just now tested Typinator and it works fine within InDesign.

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If you only have a few substitutions you need on hand, you could also turn on the Autocorrect feature in InDesign and add your replacements to the list that is there. Text Replacment menu item enabled. With Pages v6. You might consider this location for paragraph 2 instead of System Preferences. Posted on Aug 30, 5: Aug 30, 5: You must have macOS Sierra installed before Pages v6. I would continue to use Pages '09 as long as you can, as it still trumps Pages v5 and v6 features.

Page content loaded. Aug 30, 2: Aug 30, 4: Well, I'll be danged. Who would have ever thought of that on their own?

I did as you suggested and up popped the symbol I need. I've been using Pages '09 because I liked it better than the newer versions, but I'd like to try 6. After an hour, I gave up.

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  • Not sure what that's about—maybe it's because I'm on El Capitan. Quit Pages, and relaunch it. While holding Cmd, to choose which app you want to switch to: Cmd-Click on name of the window in the titlebar Move a window in the background without switching to it. Action Keystroke Go to end of line Cmd-right arrow Go to beginning of line Cmd-left arrow Go to end of all the text Cmd-down arrow Go to beginning of all the text Cmd-up arrow Go to end of current or next word Option-right arrow Go to beginning of current or previous word Option-left arrow Add Shift to the above keystrokes to make a selection to that point.

    3 Ways to Insert the Mac Command Symbol

    On Laptops: On the left you can select Emoji or other Symbols. You can press the corresponding number under the character you want to type to choose it or arrow over to it. Auto completion word Start typing the word.

    What Keys Give Me What Symbols In Mac OS X?

    While dragging: Hold Spacebar to move selected area. Hold Shift to change size in one direction only horizontal or vertical Hold Option for center-based resizing.

    Hold Option while you click to remove the drop shadow. Take a screenshot of the touch bar Cmd-Shift-6 Hold Control with any of the above keystrokes to copy the screenshot to the clipboard instead of making a file. Clear Spotlight Search Esc clears to do another search. Esc a second time closes Spotlight. If you change the preference, this will go to one of the first 9 bookmarks in the Bookmarks Bar.